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Need programming help!!!!

I am an AmeriCorps member and working with the Tulsa Housing Authority. During the day I tutor and mentor kids at one of the local elementary schools from 9am-2pm and I run an after school program for youth from 2pm-5pm. I work with low-income families and children in a project located in west Tulsa. They are considered "at-risk" youth. I work with all school age youth and am supposed to program for all ages. I am great with arts and crafts stuff, but I would like to do something that is TEACHING life/social skills to these kids. 

Ideas/Program/Activities I am looking for are in the areas of tolerance (race and sexuality, gender and class), social skills, hygiene, sexual responsibility, anger management, and anything else that will embetter these kids lives. I have limited resources, in that I have purchased some materials and books. What I need now are ideas of how to teach/incorporate these life lessons into activities/programs that the kids will not only sit through, but will get something out of. 


What have you/others done that has been successful?

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