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Stream Restoration Openings

Are you looking to gain hands-on river restoration experience? Does collecting GPS data interest you? Do you want to be part of a team?

The Watershed Enhancement Program of Clark Public Utilities is seeking team members for its Stream Restoration team. The complete team will consist of one Team Leader and five Stream Restoration Coordinators.

The AmeriCorps Team focuses on watershed restoration and education. Team members have the opportunity to work with and gain valuable experience in the following areas: nursery management, monitoring and developing, planning and implementing on the ground restoration activities. Team members will also work with the StreamTeam which is a community outreach program. Members will be exposed to environmental education activities, coordination of volunteers and event coordination through StreamTeam activities. Our goal for the AmeriCorps members serving at our site is to provide quality training on proven, successful riparian and wetland restoration techniques.

Stream Restoration Coordinators will have a unique opportunity to learn how to manage real-world salmon restoration projects (including site assessment with GPS equipment, planning with CAD programs and implementation). Coordinators will be exposed to a large variety of site conditions and restoration experiences ranging from 1 to 20 acres on small and large stream systems. Coordinators will also have a great deal of individual responsibility, including a member specialty (volunteer coordination, watershed education, Stream Stewards Program, nursery management, and water quality/survival monitoring) and logistical coordination of team members, volunteers, and work crews.

Positions start January 24, 2008. Benefits include a monthly stipend of $1,009 before taxes, health insurance, a $4,725 AmeriCorps education scholarship, loan forbearance, childcare allowance and many training opportunities.

For more information, contact Bob Stearns at or (360) 992-8576. Apply today!!
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