conradb (conradb) wrote in americorpsalum,

Americorps St. Louis

Hi everyone,

I was just offered a position as a member of the Emergency Response Team in Americorps St. Louis, and I was wondering if anyone else here has had any experience with that program, or another one like it somewhere else, or even if anyone just had advice about living in St. Louis, since I've lived in the Seattle, WA area all my life. I'll also be looking for a roommate(s) in St. Louis eventually (I'll be moving in September). Any advice?
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March 14 2007, 20:55:22 UTC 11 years ago

I live in St. Louis, and came here by way of an Americorps program, although not that one.

St. Louis is very Catholic, very neighborhood-oriented, has pockets of poverty, lots of diversity for culture, has temperatures that ping pong in the spring and fall seasons, is humid in the summer. I hope you don't mind interstates because it's a major mode of transportation, 40 is a mess and avoid it at all costs during rush hour, (and other times if you can swing, everyone calls it 40 instead of 64). There is such thing called the "St. Louis Stop" in that you kinda do the rolling stop-or-break-for-a-second at stop signs. Everyone goes 40 in 30 mph zones, watch the cops on Watson....the school system kinda sucks, so a lot of people go to Catholic schools within the city. Every neighborhood has its own Catholic church almost. We have beautiful, free parks and lots of free entertainment.

I completely love this city most of the time, is there anything specific I can answer? I've lived here for only 2.5 years, however, so I'm still learning about it. I hope that you enjoy your time here!
whoops, that was me, sorry!