1fuzzy_penguin (1fuzzy_penguin) wrote in americorpsalum,

Phone Interview

 Hi Everyone,

I have a phone interview next Tuesday at the National Student Partnerships. I'm really nervous! I've never done a phone interview before. I'm also afraid of coming across as unintelligent. I'm applying for the position in multiple cities (they have 12 different sites), so I'm also nervous about being an "outsider" who doesn't know about the cities communities before hand. Does anyone have any advice for me? The program works on the issues of homelessness, unemployment, undereducation, etc. I'm a Social Welfare major so I thought I'd brush up on some of my old class work, but I won't know the specific programs in the cities. I guess I'm just really nervous since I would really like this job! Thanks everyone.
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From my experience phone interviews are fairly laid back...I'm sure they'll ask you to tell them a little bit about yourself - I'd have a good answer ready, one that ties into what your experiences have been and what brings you to join AmeriCorps. I'd also spend an hour or so exploring each city's website before your interview(I assume they've got them) and preparing good questions, which will show that you're interested. If you haven't been to a city, I'd be honest about that, but spin it into something positive like "I've never been to Chicago but I admire that midwestern friendliness, would love to go to the Field Museum, and have always followed the Bears...etc..." I think that you must have the experience they're looking for with your background, so it's really just familiarizing yourself with each city and its program. Best of luck!
Thanks for replying! The NSP website has only a page for each different city site, and the page is very brief and doesn't mention anything specific, just when it was founded and where the volunteers are from. Should I just google each of the cities and just do a quick read of each city? I don't know where I can find stats for homelessness and such for the cities, but I can try googling it. It's suck bad timing because it's finals week!
You know, I wouldn't worry too much about it then - you seem to have the skills they need. I don't think that knowing facts about New York or Philly will get you a position. I think if you convey yourself as someone who is enthusiastic, adventurous, and passionate about the work you'll be perfectly fine. Maybe if you have a city or two that you'd LOVE to be in versus the others you might do some research (for your own benefit more than anything else). You might do some google work on the programs in each city, too, to see if there is more written aside from what's on their brief websites.

But I wouldn't worry too much - I did a phone interview for a Vista position in San Fran as a small-town Indiana girl and they didn't even seem to care that I'd never been there. I remember them asking something about how I'd emotionally cope being so far away from friends and family, but when I assured them that I was ready to make that move they were pleased.
I wrote down all the "skills" they were looking for on the AmeriCorps website, and wrote a short response to each in case they ask. It was a good way to brush up on stuff. Also if they seem at all concerned that I'll be moving for the job I think I'll mention that I studied abroad so I'm used to being without family and friends and that it forced me to be independent, yada yada. Thanks for all your unput!